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Anoeska van Ginderen

Beëdigingsdatum: 21th of February 2007

Maakt deel uit van de secties:
Familierecht, Mediation

About me

Anoeska specialises in family law. She is a lawyer and mediator. Her practice consists mainly of divorces and the termination of cohabitations. Anoeska advices and litigates on maintenance issues, contact arrangements/parenting plans, property division, pension rights, and the settlement of pre- and post-nuptial agreements. She is very experienced in divorces that involve a business.

Furthermore, Anoeska advices and litigates on name changes, national adoptions, recognition/denial of paternity and administration orders. She is frequently appointed by the courts as guardian ad litem in paternity cases.

In her work, Anoeska keeps the interests of all parties in mind, also those of the children, without compromising the interests of her clients. That is why she prefers to come to a balanced settlement and long-term agreement, so that the parties can move on. And if proceedings are inevitable? In that case, thanks to her experience, Anoeska is able to make a realistic assessment of the chances, opportunities, and risks.

“In a divorce, there are always different interests at play. Many times, there are children involved. If that is the case, it is preferable that the parents get along as best they can. On the other hand, a divorce has a business-like side, especially if one of the ex-partners has a business. It is nice if together with my client, I can find a balance between those interests. It starts with listening to what the client wants to achieve and a clear plan of action. After that, together we try to come to a satisfactory settlement in a practical and creative way.


  • VU University of Amsterdam

Employed at the firm since: 2006

Specialist training:

  • Specialist legal training Family Law IMFO (Mediation and Family Law Training Institute)
  • Basic Divorce Mediation training IMFO (Mediation and Family Law Training Institute)
  • Specialist Divorce Mediation training IMFO (Mediation and Family Law Training Institute)


  • Dutch Family Lawyers and Divorce Mediators Association (vFAS)

Additional social functions:

  • Dutch Family Lawyers and Divorce Mediators Association (vFAS)

  • Member SME Network Roosendaal

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What clients say about me

Mrs van Ginderen took good account of my situation and the wishes therein. She helped and assisted me in a very pleasant way.

— Carola Bakx

I look back positively on the period that Anoeska van Ginderen has assisted me and what we have achieved.

— Robert Fernandes

It was a pleasant cooperation in a difficult time for me, in which I stood over the edge of the abyss. It is nice that someone is razor sharp now and then to look after my interests. But sometimes also to me, but I always had the impression that the human side was not lost sight of.

— Guus Hanegraaf