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Daniëlle van Gastel

Beëdigingsdatum: 25th of January 2013

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About me

Daniëlle has been employed at Asselbergs & Klinkhamer since 2012. Before that, she was employed as a legal assistant at the court. She specialises in liability law and provides her services to victims of traffic or workplace accidents, among others. Additionally, she specialises in medical errors and occupational illness.

Daniëlle takes her clients by the hand in the personal injury procedure, taking on as many of their concerns as possible.

“After an accident, my clients are faced with a lot. They have been injured and, in the meantime, many things need to be taken care of. Furthermore, they have to incur costs. I find it important to give my clients as much piece of mind as possible by taking the claim settlement off their hands. That way, they can focus on their recovery.”

Daniëlle also provides her services to surviving dependants of those who have lost their lives due to an accident. She helps them recover the loss resulting from the death of their loved one. Aside from personal injury and loss of dependency cases, Daniëlle regularly handles recourse cases for health insurance companies.


  • Tilburg University

Employed at the firm since: 2012


  • Dutch Young Personal Injury Professionals Association (VJPP)

Other social functions:


  • (Daniëlle) Van Gastel, annotation to the decision of The Hague District Court 19 December 2018: Insufficient evidence that loss was sustained during the performance of work (through PS-Updates.nl).
  • (Daniëlle) Van Gastel, annotation to the decision of the Overijsel District Court 10 July 2019: No blame for lack of causal link in the case of a passenger who suffered serious injury in a one-car accident (through PS-Updates.nl).
  • (Daniëlle) Van Gastel, annotation to the decision: Liability of municipality due to poor road design for collision of cyclist with central reserve cycle track: the influence of the regulations of CROW (information and technology centre for transport and infrastructure) and expert opinions (through PS-Updates.nl).

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What clients say about me

Zaak is steeds goed opgevolgd en er werden duidelijke afspraken gemaakt.

— Yuniz Joldersma

Prettig contact.

— Ruud van Zon

Ga zo door, je doet het super goed.

— Hillegina de Bruin

I have been helped very nicely.

— Gerard Elst