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Dimitri Kochx

Beëdigingsdatum: 18th of June 1999

Maakt deel uit van de secties:
Vastgoedrecht, Mediation, Omgevingsrecht

About me

Dimitri has been a lawyer since 1999 and has been employed at AK Advocaten since 2002. Dimitri and Theo Quaijtaal together form the executive committee of AK Advocaten.

Dimitri specialises in the purchasing and selling of immovable property, property development, tenancy law, and administrative building law. He acts for (property) developers, municipalities, housing foundations, and SMEs.

“In the realization of large projects, it is important to maintain an overview. Furthermore, parties are in need of proactive, pragmatic, and problem-solving advice. They can come to us for that. Additionally, we document the agreements made clearly and unambiguously.”

Dimitri is also active as mediator. He has experience with employment law, property law, and administrative law disputes.


  • Maastricht University

Employed at the firm since: 2002

Specialization training:

  • Tenancy Law (Dutch Landlord and Tenant Lawyers Association – VHA)
  • Public construction law (Dutch Construction Lawyers Association – VBR-A)
  • Certified MfN Mediator


  • Dutch Landlord and Tenant Lawyers Association (VHA)
  • Dutch Construction Lawyers Association (VBR-A)
  • Dutch Mediators Federation (MfN)
  • Bouwsociëteit Via-Latus

Additional social functions:

  • Board member bouwsociëteit Via-Latus

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What clients say about me

Quick and efficient.

Very positive

In my opinion I have received excellent assistance