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Ferda van Benthem

Beëdigingsdatum: 12th of June 1990

Maakt deel uit van de secties:
letselschaderecht, mediation

About me

“No victim may become a victim a second time”, says Ferda van Benthem. “What happens to my clients is often bad enough as it is. That’s why I will battle to the very end to get financial compensation. I am a stayer.” Ferda has been a personal injury lawyer since 1990; she is an old hand in the harsh world of insurance companies and courts and will always choose the side of the victim, a principal choice. She was at the basis of the Personal Injury Certification (Keurmerk Letselschade) and was a committee member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers for years. She is also a certified NMI registered mediator.


  • Erasmus University of Rotterdam

Connected to the office since: 1990

Specialist training:

  • Registered NMI mediator


  • Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (former committee member)
  • Personal Injury Certification Foundation (former Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Personal Injury Certification, co-initiator and co-founder of the Personal Injury certification)
  • Chairman of LetMe

Additional social functions:

  • Push Business Club
  • Rotary Club Prinsenbeek

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What clients say about me

She immediately defined the core of the problem and devoted 100% to this. Moreover, Ferda has given her vision very openly, transparently and with respect to what she believes is achievable and what is not.

— Anita van de Luijtgaarde

I am very satisfied with how I was treated by Mrs van Benthem and I can recommend her to anyone with regard to personal injury.

— Buitendijk

I felt that I was standing with my back to the wall and could not go anywhere. I didn't feel taken seriously. Ferda took the matter very seriously and understood exactly what was going on. That was very nice for us and a great relief. She has committed herself more than 100% with a lot of good advice, advice and above all with a lot of patience. I have always been the starting point for her and I am very grateful for that.