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Ferda van Benthem

Beëdigingsdatum: 12th of June 1990

Maakt deel uit van de secties:
Letselschaderecht, Mediation

About me

Ferda has been a personal injury lawyer since 1990. She is also a mediator. Ferda advices and represents almost exclusively victims. With her 30 years of experience, she is an old hand in the world of insurance companies and courts.

Thanks to her experience, Ferda is able to quickly get to the heart of the matter. From there, together with the client she determines the right strategy to achieve the desired goal. The fact that Ferda is not afraid to venture off the beaten path often ensures that victims are spared extra grief.

“No victim should be twice victimized. What happened to them is usually bad enough as it is. That is why I am dedicated to obtaining financial and emotional compensation for my clients, so that they can spend their energy on other things.”

Ferda has been teaching personal injury law at an educational institution, a company, and insurers for years. She was at the basis of the Keurmerk Letselschade, a certification for personal injury specialists, and was a committee member of the Dutch Personal Injury Lawyers Association (LSA).


  • Erasmus University Rotterdam

Employed at the firm since: 1990

Specialist training:

  • LSA (training for personal injury lawyer; 1995)
  • Certified MfN mediator (mediator training Dutch Mediators Federation; 2004)


  • Dutch Personal Injury Lawyers Association (former committee member)
  • NVMV-LetMe (former chairman of the Dutch Personal Injury Mediators Association)

Additional social functions:

  • Teacher NCOI/NIBE SVV Personal Injury training course and several inhouse training courses at insurance company and claims settlement agencies
  • Rotary Prinsenbeek

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What clients say about me

She immediately defined the core of the problem and devoted 100% to this. Moreover, Ferda has given her vision very openly, transparently and with respect to what she believes is achievable and what is not.

— Anita van de Luijtgaarde

I am very satisfied with how I was treated by Mrs van Benthem and I can recommend her to anyone with regard to personal injury.

— Buitendijk

I felt that I was standing with my back to the wall and could not go anywhere. I didn't feel taken seriously. Ferda took the matter very seriously and understood exactly what was going on. That was very nice for us and a great relief. She has committed herself more than 100% with a lot of good advice, advice and above all with a lot of patience. I have always been the starting point for her and I am very grateful for that.