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Frans van Meer

Beëdigingsdatum: 4th of June 2008

Maakt deel uit van de secties:
Arbeidsrecht, Verkeersstrafrecht

About me

Frans has been employed at AK since 2008. He mainly deals with employment law matters. He advices and litigates on mass layoffs and individual dismissal cases, employment contracts and staff rules, employment conditions, sickness and incapacity for work, and in matters related to non-competition and non-solicitation clauses. Frans provides his services mostly to employers, but also represents employees.

He follows a solution-oriented approach. He gives practical and no-nonsense advice and does not hesitate to go to court when necessary. Frans believes in long-term relationships with his clients. That is why he is a sparring partner to many of his clients.

“Employment law is a rapidly changing and dynamic area of law. When employers are faced with a problem, they often want a quick solution and do not want advice filled with woolly language and reservations. It is really nice if you can offer that solution.”


  • Tilburg University

Employed at the firm since: 2008

Specialist training:

  • Postgraduate employment law specialist training – Grotius Academy


  • Dutch Sport and Law Association
  • Dutch Employment Lawyers Association (VAAN)
  • Breda/’s-Hertogenbosch Employment Lawyers Association

Additional social functions:

  • Round Table 157
  • West-Brabant Employment Mobility Centre (ACE)
  • Industrial Entrepreneurs’ Association Etten-Leur
  • Committee member Business Club Unitas ’30
  • Member of the Supervisory Board of the foundation Stichting LeerSaam

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What clients say about me

Very good service. Great help!

— Mark de Hooge

Mr. Van Meer was always available and - more importantly - always competent. In addition, the interaction was particularly pleasant.

To the great satisfaction, the case was handled quickly and neatly. Always very friendly and clear.

— Mario Vroegrijk

Good and pragmatic advice from French. Good estimate of how the other party would respond. As a result, a quick and successful settlement of the case concerning the termination of an employee's employment contract. It is great that Frans has a good dose of empathy, so there is a good click between us. I hope that Frans or one of his colleagues will no longer be needed. But if I still need legal advice, I will never hesitate to call AK!

Frans got a good picture of our agency in a very short period of time and his legal advice perfectly matched with our working method. His advice was clear and structured, very accurate. With a good balance between objective and involved.

— Janneke Oudenhoven