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Ine Dilven

Beëdigingsdatum: 29th of August 2002

Maakt deel uit van de secties:
Letselschaderecht, Verkeersstrafrecht

About me

Ilona has been employed at AK since 2002. She started in the Business Law team, where she litigated in numerous cases and gained experience in negotiating. At that time, she was also engaged in liability law and criminal law. In 2010, Ine transferred to the Personal Injury Law team. At present, her practice comprises only personal injury cases.

Ine assists many victims and surviving relatives of serious violent crimes and sex crimes. Her experience as a criminal lawyer comes in handy. Ine is a member of LANGZS, a national network of lawyers for victims of violent and sex crimes. Victims and surviving relatives in general, and victims of serious violent or sex crimes in particular, are in good hands with her.

“I believe it is important to avoid that my clients feel twice victimized because of long drawn-out proceedings. That is why I offer them a willing ear and am always looking for creative solutions, for instance to speed up the case.”


  • Tilburg University

Employed at the firm since: 2002

Additional social functions:

  • Member of the Supervisory Board and Secretary of Nassau Scholengemeenschap in Breda.
  • Employers’ association Wouw (www.ovw-wouw.nl)

Is part of the teams:

Specialist training:

  • Grotius Personal Injury specialist training


What clients say about me

Ine was involved.

— A.J. van Zanten

We really wanted clarity. Ine and Astrid have taken care of that together very quickly.

— D. Beuzenberg Reuvers

A listening ear and contributes solutions.

— Kayleigh Hansum