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Judith Vermeeren

Beëdigingsdatum: 11th of July 2007

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About me

Judith has been employed at AK since 2007, where she is part of the Property Law team. Before she started her career as a lawyer, she acquired experience at the District Court of Rotterdam. Judith specialises in civil property law. She advices on the letting and renting of residential and commercial property, purchase and sale of property, apartment right and construction law in the widest sense. Judith has a lot of experience with the various property law proceedings, both before the courts and the Dutch Arbitration Board for the Building Industry.

In addition, Judith has experience in procurement law, in particular the effect of procurement law in the contractual implementation and other phases. She forms a close-knit team with procurement law specialist Karelijne Van Kampen.

Judith assists not only housing corporations, contractors, developers, investors, property managers and health care institutions, but also private clients. Thanks to this diversity, Judith has a good understanding of the interests of all parties involved in the process. Judith likes to come up with a clear, realistic, and practical plan together with her clients, which she thereupon implements with resoluteness.

“In the ‘ideal’ world, my clients would seek legal advice first, before signing anything. That would enable us to identify the risks and anticipate them. Because even though running a business also involves taking risks, it is important to do so consciously and deliberately. I see it as a challenge to assist my clients, usually entrepreneurs, in this process. Naturally, legal action cannot always be avoided, but I am in my element also in court.”


  • Tilburg University
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam

Employed at the firm since: 2007

Specialist training:

  • Specialist training Tenancy Law VHA (Dutch Landlord and Tenant Law Lawyers Association)


  • Dutch Landlord and Tenant Lawyers Association (VHA)
  • Dutch Construction Lawyers Association (VBR-A)
  • Juristenvereniging Appartementsrecht (JvA)

Additional social functions:

  • JCI Etten-Leur

Is part of the team:

What clients say about me

Friendly, adequate and very professional. Absolutely great!

— M. Epping

Friendly, service-oriented and proactive.

— G.A. de Kock

Expert and fast help!

— J. Rozemeyer