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Margot de Wit-Jansen

Beëdigingsdatum: 25th of November 2011

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About me

Margot has been working as a lawyer in the Personal Injury Law team of AK since January 2014. In 2011, she started her career in Bergen op Zoom, where she gained experience in the law of persons, family law and personal injury law. Since 2014, she handles only personal injury cases.

Margot advices and represents victims of traffic accidents, workplace accidents, medical errors. In addition, she specialises in medical disciplinary law.

Margot takes a proactive approach to her cases. She is accessible to her clients, listens well to what they want to reach and uses that to prepare a clear plan of action. Thereupon, she does everything in her power to achieve the set objectives. If this requires legal proceedings, she will not avoid them.

“Even though no case is the same in personal injury law, almost always my clients face a combination of legal and non-legal problems. It is important that they can see me as a trusted advisor and willing ear. At the same time, I am there to tackle their problems so that they can focus on their recovery.”


  • Tilburg University

Employed at the firm since: 2014

Is part of the team:


Dutch Young Professionals in Personal Injury Association (VJPP)

What clients say about me

Margot has taken over the case from another lawyer and everything went just as well!

Good advice and quick handling.

I was so pleasantly surprised with the decisiveness and especially the patience when I was too sick to answer or look up data.