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Peter de Haan

Beëdigingsdatum: 7th of May 2008

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About me

Mr. Peter de Haan is a top expert in the field of (public) construction law. Peter has worked as an environmental lawyer at AKD, as a lawyer at the construction unit of the Administrative Law Division of the Council of State and as a senior advisor on building regulations at Rijkswaterstaat. His years of work experience at the Council of State is useful in (higher) appeal procedures in construction, spatial planning, enforcement and environmental matters. His technical background is useful in civil-law proceedings concerning construction damage. He has also gained experience in government liability at AKD. His technical background enabled him to complete a dissertation on building law, in which he investigated, among other things, the application of building regulations and the legislative proposal for the Quality Assurance Act for building. Peter has more than sixty scientific publications to his name. He is also editor and author for the renowned book series Text & Commentary on Spatial Administrative Law (seventh, eighth and ninth edition). He provides the entire Housing Act with an explanation, including the regulations for housing associations. After the publication of the tenth edition, he will provide the commentary on building regulations for that series in the new Text & Commentary Environment Act.


  • Civil Engineering (civil engineering with specialization constructions: cum laude)
  • Dutch law (both propaedeutic and bachelor cum laude, master with satisfaction)

Connected to the office since: 2018


  • Association for Construction Law
  • Association for Environmental Law
  • Association for Administrative Law
  • Royal Institute of Engineers


For a complete overview of his scientific publications, see the linkedin page of Peter. On the office’s webpage about the legislative proposal Quality Assurance Act for building are his publications on that subject and his publications on the webpage about the Environment Act. Below are some of his publications.

  • P.M.J. de Haan, Preventive and repressive testing against building regulations in public construction law. A closer look at constructive safety (diss. Nijmegen), The Hague: 2017 Institute of Construction Law.
  • P.M.J. de Haan, “Housing Act”, in J.W. van Zundert, A.Ch. Fortgens, P.M.J. de Haan & A.G.A. Nijmeijer, Text & Comment on Spatial Administrative Law (seventh, eighth and ninth edition), Deventer: Wolters Kluwer 2013, 2014 and 2016.
  • P.M.J. de Haan, “Recovery decision and order of the burden”, p. 39 – 51, in M. van der Heiden et al., Co & co. Liber Amicorum, Deventer: Kluwer 2013.
  • The loose-leaf Spatial Administrative Law of WoltersKluwer, commentary on texts on public construction law, including permit-free construction (Annex II of the Environmental Law Decree).
  • P.M.J. de Haan & H.C.W.M. Moesker, “Building under the Environment Act: less legal certainty and more responsibility?”, TBR 2017/109.
  • P.M.J. de Haan, “Points for attention in preventive testing against building regulations under the Environment Act”, TBR 2017/22.
  • P.M.J. de Haan, “A few comments on the enforcement of building regulations from the Building for Living Environment Decree”, TBR 2016/130.
  • P.M.J. de Haan & M. Ramondt, “The environmental permit by operation of law”, BR 2014/15.
  • P.M.J. de Haan & G. Klapwijk, ‘Jurisprudentie omgevingsvergunningvrij bouwen en gebruiken: een tussenstand’, BR 2013/112
  • P.M.J. de Haan & G. Klapwijk, ‘De omgevingsvergunning’, BR 2013/76.
  • J. van Dam & P.M.J. de Haan, “The Rural Homes Act: a link between the environment and spatial planning”, JM 2013, p. 1025-1036.
  • P.M.J. de Haan, “Guaranteeing noise measures for road infrastructure in zoning plan”, BR 2012/79.
  • P.M.J. de Haan, “Litigation of decentralized authorities against a Chw decision”, Gst. 2012/22.

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