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Suzanne van Reedt Dortland

Beëdigingsdatum: 29th of August 2008

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About me

Suzanne has been employed at AK since 2012. She specialises in liability law, in particular personal injury and loss of dependency. Suzanne represents victims who are faced with serious injury after an accident, such as a workplace accident, traffic accident, school accident  or sports accident. Furthermore, she assists victims of medical errors.

Suzanne feels that it is important to always be available to her clients. After a first assessment of the case, she works on an action plan together with her client. Once that is done, Suzanne follows a goal-oriented and resolute approach. When confronted with challenges, she just picks up her pace.

“All my clients have their own story. What they have in common is that they suffered a serious injury as the result of an accident. Since everybody is entitled to happiness after an accident, I try and help to put them back in the situation they were in before the accident. It is really satisfying to be able to make a difference for my clients.”

Apart from victims, Suzanne also represents insurance companies and employers in recourse cases. She also gives lectures to health insurance companies on this matter.


  • Maastricht University

Employed at the firm since: 2012

Is part of the team:

Specialist training:

  • LSA/Grotius personal injury specialist training (cum laude)


  • Dutch Personal Injury Lawyers Association (LSA)
  • Dutch Young Professionals in Personal Injury Association (VJPP)

Additional social functions:

  • Annotator for PS-Updates
  • Chairman District Council Sportpark I-II
  • Member FemX Association


  • S.M.P. (Suzanne) Van Reedt Dortland, annotation to Amsterdam District Court 4 April 2019: What are the circumstances under which the parties cannot be held to a joint report?

What clients say about me

"All aspects of" "the case" "received the necessary attention (were discussed / explained). The contact was very good and relaxed. The feeling soon arose that ea was in good hands. Due to the good oral (mainly by telephone) and written contacts, the (large) distance did not have any adverse influence.

Cooperation was very pleasant. I have always had the feeling that Suzanne did everything to settle the matter for me as well as possible. Strategy was always discussed and choice was placed with me. Always alert and responsive to questions. Also in the beginning, when contact with the previous lawyer (who took over the case after the death of my first), you took matters into your own hands to settle this (or have it settled).

— Wilma Lucassen-van den Berg

Everything arranged to perfection.

I would definitely recommend AK Advocaten because they use a friendly professional approach!

— Sandra de Boer-Roza