Company law

The work of AK Advocaten in the field of company law covers all possible corporate law issues with which an entrepreneur may be confronted. Companies will encounter various stages as they grow, each with their own problems. It starts with the choice of legal form and whether to form a partnership or found a legal entity. There are various forms which can be opted for, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. It is, of course, also of paramount importance to consider in advance the objectives of the company in order to be properly advised about the legal form suitable for this. This way the company has the opportunity to set off on the right footing. If the enterprise subsequently develops over time, all kinds of circumstances may occur as a result of which it is desirable or necessary to adjust the company structure. The requirement may arise for reorganisation, merger or takeover. Changes in legislation can also result in reconsideration of the company structure. In all these cases, AK Advocaten is the right firm for you. Of course we also assist entrepreneurs with advice and practical assistance if the legal entity or the partnership needs to be terminated. Many problems can be prevented by engaging a specialist lawyer in a timely manner. Our lawyers can advise you, assist in negotiations or conduct legal proceedings for you. The Corporate Law department of AK Advocaten also assists companies in the unlikely event that problems do arise after all. An example of this is directors’ and officers’ liability. This concerns, for example, situations in which the company is disadvantaged due to mismanagement or maladministration by its own management or the management of a trading partner. This can result in a claim on the basis of directors' and officers' liability. Our lawyers have a wealth of experience in this field. Please contact us. Corporate Law