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Personal Injury Law


Anyone can be involved in an accident or incident that results in personal injury. The personal injury section represents the interests of every victim. Our specialists are happy to assist you!

Personal Injury Law

The Personal Injury Law department at AK Advocaten is the largest group of specialist personal injury lawyers anywhere in the southern region of the Netherlands. Naturally, we look after the interests of anyone who has become victim, abroad as well as in the Netherlands. As a result, AK Advocaten was the first law firm in our southern region to receive the new Personal Injury Certification, scoring the maximum possible score on ‘client satisfaction’.

Personal injury is the damage that you suffer from an injury or illness which is caused by an incident or accident for which someone else is liable. This can happen in many different ways and be caused by a variety of circumstances. If you are concerned about any of the subjects listed below, please contact AK Advocaten.

Liability, including for example group liability, employer’s liability, the duty of care of schools, the liability of the road authority and for animals, in particular for accidents with horses.
Accidents at work, also in the event of an accident on the part of the entrepreneur.
Traffic accidents
Compensation, inter alia compensation of loss of dependency and compensation of minor personal injury and medical malpractice.
Insurances, for example invalidity insurance.

Our department is based on in-depth knowledge about the subject and the human dimension. If discussions with the insurance company aren’t getting anywhere and the victim has suffered an injustice, we bring it before a judge. The expenses for a lawyer are usually covered by insurance.

Policy of our Personal Injury Department

AK is a household name for personal injury matters – all over the Netherlands.

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