After a traffic accident for which another is liable you will usually receive compensation. However, it is often the case that insurance companies will readily acknowledge their liability. Unfortunately, this is not the same as compensation of the damage. There is a clear distinction between the acknowledgement of liability and the compensation of the damage actually suffered.

Compensation or acknowledgement

Some loss items are perfectly clear, for example a dent in the car or clothing cut off in the hospital. But some loss items are not that clear. For example, if you continue to suffer from headaches after your head collided into a windscreen, but medical scans fail to show anything unusual. This is used as justification for insurers to claim that the pain must be caused by something else and that you will not receive compensation. These types of loss items often instigate much discussion. AK Advocaten deals with these problems together with its medical advisers. Assessments concerning compensation take place independently. If necessary, our lawyers will submit the case to the court.

Objective of AK Advocaten

The objective which we pursue is for you to be able to continue to live as you did before the accident by means of the compensation. This can also take place through specialist assistance in the field of work, housing and transport. AK Advocaten works together with occupational consultants, occupational therapists and other experts. Occasionally an insurance company will immediately make a financial offer in order to compensate the damage. Since it is often still unclear what the exact consequences of the damage suffered will be for your future, we strongly advise against this. We never advise to immediately accept an offer of compensation without due consideration. Please contact us. Personal Injury Law