Liability and insurance

Liability means that a person must fulfil an obligation and is virtually always related to compensation. There are a number of insurances available which can 'protect' one's personal assets. Some are obligatory, others are not. AK Advocaten mainly deals with the following insurances: •Public liability insurance which is taken out for a car (motor liability insurance) •Personal liability insurance •Business liability insurance •Invalidity insurance which is taken out by self-employed persons •Driver and passenger insurance •Traffic insurance

Compensation in case of motor liability insurance

Motor liability insurance is an obligatory insurance which must be taken out for motorised vehicles. Motor liability insurance compensates damage which the driver of a motorised vehicle has caused. In the Netherlands, third-party insurance for a motorised vehicle is obligatory. Those who have suffered damage through your fault can claim against the third-party insurer with whom the motorised vehicle is insured in order to become eligible for compensation.

Driver and passenger insurance

Driver and passenger insurance compensates the damage you suffer when you are the driver in or on a motorised vehicle which has caused or causes an accident, and you personally suffer injury because of this. Because you were guilty of causing the accident, there is no other party that must compensate your damage. Your personal injury is compensated by your personal insurance. In the event of death your surviving relatives will also have the right to compensation. Driver and passenger insurance must not be confused with accident insurance. Accident insurance compensates a fixed amount. AK Advocaten would like to explain the policy conditions to you. In some cases compensation for pain and suffering is excluded. Some companies do not compensate legal assistance and yet some policies do not compensate the statutory interest above the amount for which you are insured. We would like to advise you regarding which issues warrant attention.

Compensation in case of invalidity insurance

Invalidity insurance is insurance for independent traders which provides the insured party with a periodical payment in case of sickness or disability. We would like to provide you with an example of such a situation. Years ago you took out invalidity insurance from an insurance company. You were healthy and paid a high premium. You then fell ill and initially the insurance company made payments to you as you had agreed. Suddenly, after a visit to the medical examiner, you received notification that the payments were being stopped as no 'objective cause' had been found. Another possible argument is that the insurance states that you can rearrange your work and thereby can generate the same income. AK Advocaten often deals with these problems. At first instance you are paid without any problems, but when it becomes clear to the insurance company that the damage will increase and they look for a way out. The personal injury specialists of AK Advocaten are aware of the feelings that can be invoked by such a situation. We would like to assist you in such a situation.

Compensation in case of liability insurance (personal liability insurance)

Personal liability insurance is not an obligatory insurance. However, many people have taken out such an insurance, for example in the situation that your child kicks a football through a window. Personal liability insurance is for the compensation of damage caused by you or a member of your family. If damage is caused then you can rely on your personal liability insurance with regard to the compensation. We would like to assist you if you wish to rely on an insurance related to damage. AK Advocaten would like to assist you in acquiring the compensation you deserve. Please contact us. Personal Injury Law