Building law

There are often many parties involved in the construction of property and unfortunately a lot can go wrong. These problems can vary from a leaking dormer window to construction errors in an apartment complex. In addition the subcontractor can go bankrupt, delays during construction can occur, raw material prices can increase or contract extras (and additional costs) can also potentially result in disagreements. Discussions can also arise with neighbours regarding the building plan or the integrated environmental permit. There are many imaginable problems which can also have legal consequences. It is important to consult a lawyer in a timely manner, because in many cases action must be taken quickly. A notice of default may be necessary, a contractor sometimes has to make use of the right of retention and in the most extreme cases preliminary relief proceedings must be started.

Construction project assistance

Building contract law has developed from a more traditional form into an integrated form, in which architects and contractors jointly convert the requirements of the client into a building. AK Advocaten assists contractors, project developers, clients and architects, among others. We can assist the construction project from the negotiations and the drawing up of the contract until completion and, if necessary, during any legal disputes. We advise and bring legal proceedings regarding designs, which can play a role prior to, during or after the construction. This concerns, for example, invitations to tender, state aid, various types of construction contracts and hidden defects. AK Advocaten is familiar with all these problems and can offer adequate and efficient solutions for this. Our lawyers are familiar with all standard terms and conditions for construction and they have brought many proceedings before the courts and the Court of Arbitration. An arbitration case requires a special approach and we can advise you as to which road best to take in order to resolve your case as advantageously as possible. In addition our lawyers also have knowledge and experience of governmental regulation of construction by means of, for example, area development, spatial environmental permitting law, procurement law and environmental law. If you are experiencing a problem with your client or with a contractor, then please contact the construction law specialists of AK Advocaten. Please contact us. Property Law