Environmental law

Environmental law comprises of all rules which are intended to protect the natural environment and to regulate all environmental aspects. For example, rules with regard to air quality, noise pollution, soil pollution and the use of waste materials. Whether you are a small or large company sooner to later you will probably be confronted with environmental legislation. AK Advocaten has extensive experience providing assistance with, among other things, single environmental permits (previously environmental permits), environmental impact assessments, zoning plans and enforcement processes. If you, as an adjacent company, are hindered in your operational management as a result of, for example, new developments in your neighbourhood or if your enjoyment of your property is affected then our specialised lawyers are also there for you and can provide advice concerning regulations and procedures. Furthermore, AK Advocaten has a wealth of experience with the Nature Conservation Act 1998, the Birds and Habitats Directive and the Flora and Fauna Act. You may become involved with the Flora and Fauna Act more often than you would have initially expected. For example, when there are bats present in a building that is to be demolished or renovated. Following decisions by the Administrative Jurisdiction Division of the Council of State in February 2012, it will now be necessary more often than in the past to apply for an exemption in case of the disturbing of protected animal species. If you are uncertain about which steps to take or the correct mode of action during the (possible) disturbing of protected animal species then you can of course contact us. We maintain close contact with experienced ecologists so that we can always, in conjunction with the ecologists, provide you with the best legal and ecological advice. Environmental law is a branch of law which often changes and is in constant flux. It is therefore important to have a lawyer who is familiar with the most recent legislation, regulations and case law. The lawyers of AK Advocaten closely watch all new developments and case law. If court proceedings appear to be unavoidable, then it is worthwhile to utilise our extensive experience, which encompasses among other things the Administrative Jurisdiction Division of the Council of State. Please contact us. Property Law