Project development

Project development is the process whereby land, money and users are brought together in order to construct a structure. It is every form of cooperation between one or more project developers, landowners, building contractors and financiers with the objective of constructing a building on the contributed land. There are therefore many different parties involved in project development, such as the municipality, contractor, financiers and tenants. The project developer must do all that is necessary to have the new development constructed. The project developer must not only arrange the plan, but also form a contract with the contractor, arrange permits and finance the project. The form in which the cooperation is achieved will depend on the circumstances of the situation.

Risks and legal matters

Project development is also a process whereby the legal risks involved are considerable. Investments are made in building plans at a stage when it is not certain in advance whether the new development which is described in the plans can in fact be built or sold. For example, the acquisition of the building plot and the hiring in of expert specialists to draw up the plans or to substantiate these. Especially in economically difficult times it can be important to take this into consideration in advance. In addition, these risks are also very varied by nature. A multitude of legal matters must be tackled before a project can be developed. For example, agreements with the municipality (letter of intent, development agreement), spatial planning and environmental law procedure, cooperation agreements, building contract, purchase agreements, sales contracts, risk of loss resulting from government planning decisions and numerous other matters. Due to the complexity of project development, no project is the same. Tailor-made work is necessary in order to bring a project to satisfactory completion. The property experts of AK Advocaten have a wealth of experience within the entire playing field of property law and project development. Our specialists can be of invaluable service to you. If you have questions about your project or you require advice then please contact us for an initial meeting. We would like to assist! Please contact us. Property Law