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Jimke van Ruitenbeek-Eyck

Beëdigingsdatum: 28 juni 2019

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About me

Jimke has been employed at AK since April 2019. Before that, she worked as a lawyer at a firm in Breda for several years. In the past few years, Jimke worked at a claims settlement agency, where she discovered that being a lawyer was closer to her heart.

Jimke specialises in personal injury law. She provides her services to victims of traffic accidents, workplace accidents, sports and games and medical errors. In addition, she handles loss of dependency cases, road authority liability, liability for animals and product liability.

Jimke can identify with her clients and goes through fire and water for them.

“Our clients often find themselves in a miserable situation because of an accident. They go through a time of stress and sorrow. I see it as a challenge to make that situation as comfortable as possible by offering them the assistance they need. And I do not necessarily mean just the required legal assistance, but in particular also the out-of-the-box possibilities that may give someone back some joy in life. If that works, ours is truly a wonderful profession!”


  • Tilburg University
  • Amsterdam University

Employed at the firm since: 2019

Specialist training:

  • Grotius Personal Injury specialist training


  • Dutch Personal Injury Lawyers Association (LSA)

Additional social functions:

  • Annotator for PS-Updates


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What clients say about me

ik ben zeer goed bijgestaan

— G. Kalthof