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Employment law is about the relationship between an employer and an employee and covers a wide variety of issues. The Employment Law section consists of two lawyers: Frans van Meer (left) and Jeroen van Kollenburg (right).

Employment Law

Employment law concerns the relationship between employer and employee and covers a wide variety of issues. This becomes evident when you see how intertwined it is in various laws and decrees.

Problems in the area of employment law can sometimes have huge consequences for employer and employee. This area isn’t just about dismissal procedures or problems with existing (employment) agreements or drawing up these agreements, it’s about illness and disability too. Changes within a company, as a result of, for example, reorganisation or takeover, can also have far-reaching consequences on the working relationship.

The lawyers in the Employment Law department at AK Advocaten have much experience and expertise in the field of:

Drawing up and evaluating employment agreements and contracts;
• Advising the employer about the setting up of a staff file;
• Advising employers and employees preventively when an employment dispute is threatening;
• Providing advice in termination procedures and dismissal and the implementation of termination procedures, acting on behalf of the employer or the employee;
• Instituting an action to recover back wages or defending against such an action;
Settling conflicts resulting from employee illness and handling reintegration issues in case of disability;
• The transfer of a company;
Works councils and rules about employee participation and collective labour agreements;
• Advice and litigation regarding non-competition clauses and/or other business relations clauses;
• The (semi-) public servants law.

AK Advocaten follow all the developments in this field closely and our lawyers are able to advise and assist you thoroughly and in great depth.

Areas of Law

Employees Employment Law

The lawyers of the Employment Law section closely follow developments in the field and can therefore advise and assist you properly.