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Traffic Law


Traffic criminal law is a specific part of criminal law. Any road user can be affected if he consciously or unconsciously violates the traffic rules.

Traffic Law

Every road user can be confronted with traffic law if they consciously or unknowingly violate traffic rules. Numerous behaviors can lead to a violation of legal rules whereby a road user is considered a suspect in a criminal case. Too much alcohol, rush, carelessness or dangerous traffic behavior can have major criminal consequences. A simple estimation error can also lead to a traffic accident with serious (criminal) consequences. This comes with it a lot of uncertainties and concerns. The traffic law section of AK Advocaten is happy to support you.

AK Advocaten traffic criminal law section

Jeroen van Kollenburg and Frans van Meer together form the traffic law section of AK Advocaten. They both have many years of experience in various cases in the field of traffic law. Consider, for example, cases in which a road user is suspected of a serious traffic error that has caused (serious) physical injury or a fatal victim. We also assist clients who have caused danger on the road or continue driving after an accident. Just like clients who were under the influence or whose driving license was withdrawn. Are you involved in a different traffic situation that leads to a criminal case?

Lawyers specializing in traffic criminal law

Jeroen and Frans specialize in traffic law and assist clients throughout the country. It does not matter whether it concerns a hearing at the Zeeland-West-Brabant court or at the Amsterdam court, the Noord-Holland court, the Rotterdam court or the Limburg court. All the courts of the Netherlands belong to the working area of ​​Jeroen and Frans. After all, traffic errors can be made anywhere in the Netherlands. Do not hesitate to contact our lawyers.

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Jeroen van Kollenburg and Frans van Meer together form the traffic criminal law section of AK Advocaten.