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Loes van der Donk

About me

Loes is an experienced HR professional at heart. Since April 2021 she has been supporting AK with HR activities. In her career she had several employers and clients. For large and small organizations. One time as part of a well-oiled HR machine of an international concern. Initially there was no HR policy at all and her job was to set up HR. She had to deal with all facets of the profession, on a strategic and practical level.

Her love for HR arose from her great interest in people. The human brain is complex and causes differences in behaviour and emotion. She always tries to understand that by empathizing with the people she has to deal with. By understanding what they feel and want, she becomes a link between employer and employee. In this way she can enjoy her work. For her clients, for their employees and for herself.

“When you grow the human resource, your organization will flourish.”