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Jolanda Broeders

Beëdigingsdatum: 6 december 1994

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About me

Jolanda has been employed at AK since 1995. Her practice comprises only personal injury cases. Jolanda acts for victims who have been injured or even seriously injured as the result of a medical error or an accident, such as a workplace accident, traffic accident or sports accident.

Furthermore, Jolanda provides her services to surviving relatives of people who died as the result of an accident. She helps them recover the loss sustained because of the death of their loved one.

Jolanda is dedicated to her clients and passionate about her work. She goes to extremes, but without losing sight of what her clients want and what would help them best.

“After an accident, especially with a serious injury or death, the surviving relatives are faced with many things at once. While someone is still processing that he ended up in a wheelchair, for instance, or the surviving relatives are still grieving, all sorts of things must be sorted out. Often, this is not simple. It is my job to take care of those things at the pace my clients are comfortable with, thus supporting them. That way, I can make a difference for my clients. As a result, my clients can focus primarily on their recovery and coping with their new reality.”

Jolanda is dedicated not only to her clients, but also to victims in general. She would like to see that personal injury claim procedures run more smoothly. That is why for years (op to 2019), Jolanda was a member of the Standards Committee of the Dutch Personal Injury Council (De Letselschade Raad) on behalf of Victim Support Netherlands. In that committee, she worked side by side with insurance companies and victim support organisations on recommendations and guidelines to improve the claim process.


  • Tilburg University

Employed at the firm since: 1995


  • Dutch Personal Injury Lawyers Association (LSA)
  • Standards Committee of De Letselschade Raad

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  • Member of BCEL (Business Club Etten-Leur)
  • Member of Bites & Business (Breda area)

What clients say about me

I would absolutely recommend the office. We have been guided in an excellent way. Really great!

— Jos de Nijs